The dynamic balance of pineapple, creamy coconut and a hint of banana are perfectly blended to make this tropical taste sensation. The coconut is not overpowering as with some drinks. This outstanding blend is super creamy and a sure-fire winner for any smoothie menu!

Just like any other tropical fruits, pineapple is packed with sweet juice and vitamin Bs, acting as a good energy supporting source. Pineapple contains a high amount of antioxidant, and working with the special enzyme called bromelain, it protects against free radicals that attack and damage normal cells and encourage healing. Bananas have tryptophan which helps the body to release serotonin that has a calming effect on the brain.

Combining the pineapple’s power of healing and banana’s power of calming, pineapple paradise is a lively yet relaxing beverage.


Bone health enhancement
Digestive system enhancement
Energy support
Heart health enhancement
Healing effect
Calming effect

One 20 oz. serving is an excellent source of vitamin B3, B6, C and folate and a good source of vitamin A, E and selenium.